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SoftwareONE helps clients manage all aspects of their software portfolio, with the objective of reducing complexity, costs and risks for the client, while increasing the flexibility of their IT landscape to adjust to changing business needs. Its proprietary Software Portfolio Management (SPM) approach covers all aspects of the clients software lifecycle, which includes

  1. Translating their business needs into a software portfolio strategy;
  2. Optimizing both the procurement process and licensing conditions of the software deployed;
  3. Managing clients’ demand, utilization and deployment, as well as compliance with contracts in place.

Globally headquartered in Stans, Switzerland with a footprint in 115 countries, our 2'500 technology consultants help our customers optimize all aspects of their software portfolio, leveraging our extensive technical and commercial expertise and strong knowledge of and relationships with all main publishers, such as Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, VMware, Oracle, Citrix, Symantec, McAfee, and many more...meer